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"SHAH JAMNADAS C. GHARIWALA" was established on 9th July 1899 ( i.e a century before ) by LATE SHRI JAMNADAS CHUNILAL GHARIWALA. He started his business selling Pakwan. He initially started making Ghari from soji ( rava ). The taste of Ghari was loved by his clients, which added a new variety to his list. A saint had suggested to change the recipe of Ghari and asked him make Ghari using milk solid (mava) as its main ingredient.

This change was a great push up in his life making him famous for making Ghari during the protest of Quit India Movement against the Britishers. All the sweet merchant along with Shri Jamnadas were sent to jail, but looking at his age he was released but he refused to leave saying " An elder of the family cannot rest when his children are in trouble ", and very soon all of them were released, and a celebration was made with joy and the day is known as " CHANDANI PADWA " or say" SHARAD POONAM".

We celebrate this day till today with joy. This is the day when a lot of Ghari is been had by the Surtis and also by the people all over the Nation. Now we here the third, fourth and the fifth generation working together in the same business to serve you in the modest way trying to add new dimensions in the taste of our products keeping in views the modern temperament to keep alive the traditional taste of GHARI.....!!!

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